Conduit Capital Partners, LLC* is a private equity investment firm focused on the significant investment opportunities presented by the independent electric power industry in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Launched in 2003, the Conduit team manages the funds formerly known as the Scudder Latin American Power Funds which were launched by Scudder, Stevens & Clark** in 1993.

Given stable democracies, energy market prices tied to the US dollar, and a demand for power critical to the growth of the developing economies of Latin America, Conduit serves as principal sponsor or developer of medium-sized power plants and pipelines in the region, meeting the needs of Latin American project developers looking for strong, capable partners.

*Conduit Capital Partners, LLC is a charter member of the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association.

**Conduit Capital Partners, LLC and the Latin Power Funds are not affiliated with Deutsche Investment Management Americas, Inc. (the current owner of the former Scudder, Stevens & Clark).

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