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      > J. Scott Swensen - Chairman
      > George Osorio - Managing Partner
      > Liliana Rauch - Partner
      > Jane Lacerda Castro - Associate

Conduit Capital Partners, LLC is headed by J. Scott Swensen and George Osorio who form the firm's management team. They are responsible for the ongoing management of the existing Latin Power funds, running day-to-day firm operations and directing the future of the firm.

Together, Messrs. Swensen and Osorio bring to the Latin Power infrastructure business extensive global finance and private investing skills earned from years of experience at leading financial service institutions, and a broad network of local market sources.

In forming Conduit Capital Partners, the Conduit Partners invested their own capital with a commitment to create additional partnership opportunities for outstanding members of the organization. As principals, the Conduit team is pledged to the ongoing success of the organization.

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