Financial and operational capabilities cut across a range of critical areas resulting in dedicated asset management. Market coverage spans Latin America and the Caribbean.

Project Finance

  • Structure projects using Project Finance models that include construction, equipment supply, fuel operating and maintenance and power sales contracts to mitigate risks
  • Develop innovative financial structures to ensure project credit-worthiness based on legal and regulatory environments within individual countries,
  • Conduct environmental analysis to meet local and World Bank requirements and acceptance by the local communities
  • Engage an extensive network of developers, law firms, engineering firms, consulting firms, government officials; oil and gas companies, multilaterals and local banks to successfully complete projects

Global Finance

  • Ensure prudent and rigorous financial analysis and due diligence
  • Carefully design deal structures and negotiating strategies
  • Develop M&A and financial restructurings opportunities
  • Implement tax advantaged investment structures to lower costs
  • Negotiate to secure "best terms" in global/local market transactions
  • Implement currency risk strategies to protect against local market devaluation
  • Employ sophisticated accounting and financial reporting skills

Technical Energy Sector and Operational Skills

  • Provide heat, power and geo-thermal engineering knowledge for technical input on power generation; this includes knowledge of coal, diesel, oil and natural gas, geothermal and hydro*
  • Manage operations to maximize productivity
  • Secure strong management teams and oversight to ensure high standards of corporate governance, internal control and accountability

Dedicated Asset Management

  • Provide skills and experience to establish state-of-the-art financial controls and risk management systems
  • Create periodic (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually) and transparent reporting systems
  • Augment management at portfolio company level
  • Update IT systems
  • Pursue financing savings and efficiencies continuously
  • Manage leverage conservatively
  • Continuously seek and exploit new growth opportunities
  • Position company balance sheet for potential exit

Markets Covered:

Argentina Ecuador Panama
Belize El Salvador Paraguay
Bolivia Guatemala Peru
Brazil Guyana Trinidad and Tobago
Chile Honduras Uruguay
Colombia Jamaica Venezuela
Costa Rica Mexico  
Dominican Republic Nicaragua  

*Conduit does not invest in independent power plants that involve nuclear energy.

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